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Not only can we provide you with the best in high quality document scanners ... we can do all the work for you! Let us organize and digitize your office environment. 
Scan-R-Store can also digitize microfilm and microfiche, making them easy to retrieve, print and email. 
Our microfilm and microfiche conversion is done onsite in Dallas, Texas.
Each scanned image is checked by a technician for quality assurance.

Digitizing records has many benefits:
* Time Saving
* Space Saving
* Protect and Back up
* More time to focus on your core                                     repsonsibilities
* Comply with legal and corporate processes  
Having your records digitized will give you the confidence to face the challenges that face you, knowing that the most important aspect of your company is organized and protected ... your records.
The best part is you need do little else than call us!
We'll be there!
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Document scanning services include onsite and offsite paper, microfilm, or microfiche scanning

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